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Fine Art and Fairy Gardens

If you are interested in a small event at your home, I am happy to organize it.  Please reach out for pricing and scheduling information.

About The Blue Hydrangea

Artist:  Abby Djan

     I focus on themes of nature.  I love to capture the fleeting beauty in a more permanent way.  The forms appear solid and permanent although in reality time passes much more quickly bringing decay.  In this way, there is a sense of loneliness to the images.  That the subjects aren’t as permanent as they appear.  

    When I was first training to become an artist I was much more focused on realism.  Over time, I have appreciated more Hans Arp and Georgia O’Keefe for their simple colors and shapes.  This is reflected in my newer work.

    Whether I am working with watercolors, printmaking, epoxy or acrylic painting I love the process.  I love the messiness of the process, and paint with my fingers as well as brushes, and rollers.  The process of applying pigment to a surface is mesmerizing to me.  




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Manchester, CT, USA

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